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Ocean Freight

Our extensive network ensures smooth sea transport with options for both less-than-container loads (LCL) and full-container loads (FCL), accommodating all your shipment sizes.

Air Freight

Ideal for time-sensitive deliveries, we provide fast and secure transport of goods to and from any major airport worldwide, backed by expert logistical support.

Door to Door

Our comprehensive service includes pickup, transportation, and delivery of goods directly to the point of use, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Custom Clearance

Our customs clearance services ensure fast and reliable handling of all necessary paperwork, duties, and legal requirements to streamline the import and export process for your shipments.


Our secure storage facilities are equipped to handle goods of all sizes and types, offering both short-term and long-term storage options to support your inventory management

You Can Trust Allwayforward

Shipping from China to the UK is streamlined with AllWayForward, making the process transparent and straightforward for small businesses.

Our Shipping Process

1. Pickup and Consolidation

We collect your goods from suppliers in China, consolidating shipments for efficiency and cost-effectiveness without requiring a full container.

2. Documentation & Customs

Our team manages all export paperwork and customs clearances in China to ensure compliance and prevent delays.

3. Freight Options:

Select from ocean (FCL/LCL) or air freight. We provide transit times and updates throughout.

4. UK Customs Clearance

We handle US customs, ensuring all documents are correct for a smooth entry.

5. Duties & Taxes

Assistance with duty and tax calculations, offering guidance to minimize expenses.

6. Delivery

Coordinating last-mile delivery, we ensure your goods reach you promptly and safely.

We Handle Your UK Customs

Our expertise ensures your shipments through UK Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are hassle-free. We handle the declaration process, ensuring compliance with UK regulations and swift clearance.

Essential Documentation

Accurate documentation is crucial. You’ll need:

Commercial Invoice

Packing List

Bill of lading or airway bill

Certificate of origin

Import/export licenses

Specific Permits or Licenses (if applicable)

Allwayforward Tips

You can avoid your custom clearance delays by classifying goods correctly with the appropriate Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) codes, staying informed about any changes in regulations, and partnering with experts like AllWayForward, who ensure compliance with all customs laws to simplify the process for you.

Sea Freight Cost from China to UK

Sea freight shipping costs can vary widely. For smaller shipments (LCL), prices start from just a few hundred USD, scaling up to several thousand for full container loads (FCL). Specifically, shipping a standard 20-foot container might cost between $1,500 and $4,000. LCL costs are calculated per cubic meter and depend on factors like consolidation efficiency and the chosen freight forwarder.

Air Freight Cost from China to UK​

Shipping costs from China to the UK vary widely based on the mode of transport, shipment size, and urgency. Air freight rates might be between $2 to $5 per kilogram. As an international freight forwarder, our shipping rates from China to the UK are tailored to meet diverse needs and budgets.

Why Choose Allwayforward?

For Small Business

We specialize in providing personalized, efficient, and cost-effective shipping solutions for small businesses, helping you navigate the complexities of international freight with ease.

Customized Solutions

Our flexible FCL and LCL options are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring that whether it’s your first shipment or you’re expanding, you have the support and options you need.

Expert Support

With AllWayForward, you receive comprehensive support throughout the shipping process. Our team assists with paperwork, customs clearance, and selecting the optimal shipping method, making your experience seamless and stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sea freight typically takes 30 to 40 days, while air freight can range from 1 to 5 days, depending on the service level chosen and the specific origin and destination points.

Costs are based on the mode of transport (sea or air), weight and volume of the shipment, type of goods, and additional services like insurance and customs clearance. Sea freight can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars; air freight costs between $2 to $5 per kilogram.

Most goods can be shipped, but it’s important to comply with both Chinese export regulations and UK import restrictions. Certain items may be prohibited or require special licenses.

To receive an accurate quote, you’ll need to provide details about the shipment, including the type of goods, total weight and volume, preferred shipping method (sea or air), and the pick-up and delivery locations.

Transparency is key in freight forwarding. However, unexpected costs can arise from storage fees, detention, demurrage, or customs penalties. It’s crucial to understand the quote details and ask about potential additional charges.

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