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Everything You Need to Know About Shipping From China to Cambodia

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China’s manufacturing and exporting industry is highly successful due to the country’s ample resources and skilled workforce. It is undoubtedly a positive example of how investment in resources and human capital can lead to significant economic growth. Allowing the import of various products from this country will make it more convenient and cost-effective for other nations to access them. It’s important that you know the policies for importing cargo from China to Cambodia. Knowing everything about importing from China to Cambodia will avoid any inconvenience. In this article, we will talk about the cost, methods, and your most FAQ about shipping from China to Cambodia. We can help with transportation, logistics, and everything in between.

Air Freight Services From China to Cambodia

If you’re traveling by plane from China to Cambodia, the fastest route will take approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. Your journey will begin at Nanning Wuxu Airport (NNG), and you’ll arrive at Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH). The route has flights scheduled for departure once or twice a week. Air freight is good for those who need to send out goods quickly, or you have less than 200kg in cargo.

Shipping goods from China to Cambodia via ocean

Undoubtedly, the quickest and most efficient way to travel by ship from China to Cambodia takes just 3 days and 21 hours. Departing from Nansha (CNNSA), the journey culminates at Kampong Saom (KHKOS). You’ll be pleased to know that ships set sail on this route every 1-2 weeks like clockwork.

Timeframe For Shipping China to Cambodia

The transit time via sea is around 12 days, and express shipping, which is door-to-door for faster deliveries, is 1 day with a 10kg weight. For rail freight, you are looking at around 9 days.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship From China to Cambodia?

Shipping costs for air freight vary from $4 to $16 per kilogram for cargo transport. The prices will differ depending on the package weight and which method you choose.

Check out the table below for the average prices:

FLC is between $1,500 to $2,500 per kilogram
Air freight is $4 to $16 per kilogram
LCL is $150 per kilogram
Air Express is max $30 per kilogram

Shipping Goods From China to Cambodia – What Would Be the Best Way to Do It?

If you’re looking for a reliable and speedy delivery, air freight from China to Cambodia is an excellent option due to its highly secure system.

Choosing air cargo services from China to Cambodia can be a great decision, as there are countless advantages to consider. Let’s take a quick look at some of these benefits below:

●If you’re looking for a speedy shipping method to transport goods from China to Cambodia, air freight is your best bet.
●Air cargo provides a secure option for shipping products from China to Cambodia, making it a reliable choice for businesses concerned about product security.
●If you’re looking for a reliable and timely way to transport goods from China to Cambodia, you’ll be pleased to know that air freight is an excellent option. With punctual arrival and departure times, you can trust that your cargo will always be delivered on time.
●By optimizing the shipping process, valuable time can be saved. Shipping goods from China to Cambodia through sea freight usually takes around a month or more, which gives enough time for planning and coordination for a successful delivery, while air shipments generally take between 6 and 10 days.
●There is no possibility of encountering thieves or scams.
●When shipping goods from China to Cambodia, air cargo provides a more secure option that minimizes damage compared to other methods.

What Are the Restricted and Prohibited Items in Cambodia?

It’s important to know what items are prohibited and restricted, which can help you avoid delays in your shipment. Check out our list below to help you understand what cannot be brought into Cambodia and what needs to be restricted.


●Books about any type of violence
●Religious books
●Goods that have been counterfeited
●Goods with ozone-depleting contaminants
●Items infringing intellectual copyright
●Narcotic drugs


●Import authorization is needed for importing animal pharmaceuticals
●Agricultural authorities must approve any seeds
●Technical equipment for planes must have the Civil Aviation Authority clearance
●Plants, animals, and derivative cargo must have a protected species license
●Documents from the Embassy are needed for human corpses
●Seeds are subject to regulation by the relevant agriculture authorities.
●The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries requires import authorization for animal pharmaceuticals.

Customs Clearance in China and Cambodia

Customs clearance is mandatory to get to the next stage in transporting goods from China to Cambodia. The customs officers go to the ports to check everything and process goods and paperwork. For those who have the correct documentation and pay any remaining fees, the customs officers can release those goods ready for shipping. Overall, the shipping can take between 1 and 2 days, but things like the holiday season can cause delays of a day or two. Other things that can affect the time frame are not providing the correct shipping paperwork, no client data file, and not describing the cargo properly.

A freight forwarder will organize the customs clearance and sort all that out on your behalf. They know the rules and regulations and can process your paperwork with customs officials. The importer or buyer, as such, must organize to pay the customs clearance and other fees that come with it, like tax and duties. A few factors affect how much these fees will be, such as weight, what the goods are, the selling price, and the volume. The buyer must pay the shipping costs, loading, and packaging fees.

Essential Documents For Shipping From China to Cambodia

You must have certain documents and certificates when goods are bought into Cambodia. Here is a list of the documents you must show when importing goods from China to Cambodia.

●Packing list
●Commercial invoice
●Tax certificate
●Insurance certificate
●Customs Import Declaration;
●Bill of Lading
●If coming by land, you need a road transport certificate
●Import permit
●Company registration
●Origin certificate

In the case of exporters, before anything can be exported out of Cambodia, you will need to provide certain documents as those we have listed below:

●Packing list
●Origin certificate
●If leaving by land, a road transport certificate is needed
●Commercial invoice
●Export permit
●Customs export declaration
●Terminal handling receipts
●Bill of lading
●Insurance certificate

Consider the Chinese Holidays

In some cases, the shipments can be delayed due to Chinese holidays. Sometimes, there is a delay due to those sending off shipments early before the holidays start. This is a time when staff take holidays, so there is a reduced number of employees working, so shipments take longer. It’s important to know when these holidays are so you can work around them and be fully prepared, so there aren’t too many delays that can cause problems for your company and business.

Holidays that can affect shipping from China to Cambodia

●Chinese New Year can cause delays from the end of January to the middle of February
●New Year’s Day, January 1st
●Labor Day early may last a few days
●Qingming festival goes for one day starting in early April
●Dragon boat festival, starting at the end of June, usually runs for three to four days
●Golden Week is in early October and runs for 7 days
●Mid-autumn festival runs for one day and starts in early October
●Chinese National Day runs for 3 days starting in early October


What is China to Cambodia’s Weight Capacity For Air Freight?

There are weight limits for air freight for different methods.

●Air freight can handle up to 70kg in each box
●FedEx can handle 80kg per package
●DHL is 70kg per package
●For standard air freight, there is a limit on the dimensions they need to be 2.44 x 3.15m
●The weight requirements will differ per company

Is There Any Way to Reduce the Shipping Expenses When Transporting Goods From China to Cambodia?

You can lower the shipping from China to Cambodia. Try to fit more products into the smaller packages, so you don’t need extra boxes, which adds more shipping fees. Shipping lightweight goods is the cheaper option.

What is the Maximum Time Frame Customs Can Hold Products?

In most cases, customs can only hang onto packages for up to 5 days for those in less quantity packages. It’s normal to wait 5 days or more for customs clearance, especially if there are delays. If you have too many items, you can expect more time for customs to deal with this.

What Are the Top Airports in China to Use?

Here we list the top airports in China commonly used to ship items internationally.

●Beijing Capital International Airport
●Hong Kong International Airport
●Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
●China Shanghai Pudong International Airport
●China Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
●Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

What Tariffs and Taxes Can I Expect?

Goods like raw materials have a higher tariff rate of around 7% local raw materials and capital goods will increase to 15%, and petroleum, cars, and alcohol have a higher tariff of 35%.

For a comprehensive list of tariff rates categorized by individual goods, you can check out the Cambodia National Trade Repository website. Import duties are waived for essential items such as agricultural equipment, school supplies, pharmaceutical products, and sports equipment, which helps to promote their accessibility and affordability. In Cambodia, any imported item is subject to a uniform value-added tax (VAT) of 10%.

What is the Duration of Time When Shipping From China to Cambodia?

The transit times will vary for different reasons. The timeframe can change due to logistics and transit periods.

●Sourcing items can take weeks
●The shipping can differ from hours to months. It will depend on the method of shipping you choose.
●Paperwork and handling consignment may take two weeks.

Shipping may vary between a few hours to several days, depending on the shipping mode.

How Can I Make Sure My Shipment Is Safe?

It’s important to choose a freight forwarder who is experienced and professional. A freight forwarder will take care of the transportation, labeling, and all the procedures that come with shipping from China to Cambodia. Freight forwarders know the rules and regulations and how to pack your shipment for safe arrival.